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My very first dog was SPARKY.
She was a tiny little mongrel puppy my father brought home to me in his coat pocket.
Sparky was my best friend growing up and she lived to the ripe old age of 18.

I remember the day we found JUDGE.
He was trotting down the street on a rainy April day.
He was muddy, wet, filthy.
I said to my sister, "Look at that beautiful dog." I think she thought I was crazy, but we called him and brought him in.
He was a friendly, happy-go-lucky dog. And a joy to live with.
He was loaded with character. Judge lived to 15 years of age.

My Mother found AUGIE-DOG hiding under a parked car on our street in Philadelphia.
She asked me to go out and get her. We were never able to find her owner,
but she lived with us the rest of her life.
You couldn't have asked for a sweeter little dog.
Augie-Dog was 18 when she passed away.

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