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All my life I had wanted a Collie. I'd read & collected all the Terhune books.
So I was thrilled when I got my first Collie.
He was a 10 week old Tri male, and I named him HANDSOME DEVIL.
And boy, was he!! What a love he was, so sweet, and so gentle.
Devil lived 10 very happy years with us before he passed away.
Shortly after we added a pretty little Collie bitch to our family.
LADY JANE was 3 years old when she came to live with us. Frightened of men and much else,
she learned she was safe and led a happy life with us for 5 years more.
Sadly she was killed instantly by a car when she escaped through an open gate.

While working at a kennel I came across a photo of a Saluki in a dog magazine.
I instantly fell in love. I coveted a Saluki for many years, not believing I could ever have one.
In 1972 I wrote to SCOA asking for more information about the breed. I learned about Saluki World, subscribed, and read and reread it cover to cover.
I was fascinated with Judith Myrer's Omega Salukis. I corresponded with Judith over the course of the next years.
The result was my very first Saluki, Mandy, which resulted in a lifelong love affair with the breed.

MANDY was my soul mate, my heart dog. She lived 16 years with me,
and brought me more joy than I had ever known before. I was truly priviledged
to have this sweet, funny, loving bitch as my friend.

I was so pleased with Mandy, that two years later we brought home
another Omega puppy, REFKY. He was truly a character, much along the lines of Judge.
A beautiful dog, sweet and comical. We had him only 9 years
before we lost him to prostate complications.
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