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Two year later, our third Omega Saluki joined our home. BOGEY was a happy & sweet boy.
He was such a love. We he was 13 years old he passed on while laying at my feet.
A peaceful passing for a peaceful boy.

MOLLIE came to us at 10 months of age.
Frightened of everything, it took several years for this beautiful bitch to blossom into a trusting & happy Saluki.
But she did and she was a joy to live with. On the morning of what was
to be her very first dog show, Mollie stretched, made a tiny noise
and died of a heart attack. She was only 6 years old.
Our third Collie came to us as a young puppy.
RACHEL was a wonderful addition to our family.
A true Collie, loving and loyal.
We had 10 wonderful years with this pretty girl.

After the heartbreaking loss of Mollie, we went back to Omega Salukis
to add the gorgeous JAMIE to our home.
Not since Mandy had I had such a heart-dog. Jamie was my soul-mate.
Very sadly, we lost her way, way too young during
the whelping her A litter to Altaya Laertes.
She was only 4 years old. I still mourn her.

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