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When Jamie was three months old, we decided to add her litter sister, AMELIA,
to our home. Very different in personality, but equal in beauty,
Amelia was a very laid back Saluki. Often you didn't know she was in the room.
She lived with us for 10 years before laying down one day and passing away
as quietly as she had lived her life. Such a sweet girl.

When we brought Jamie home, we started looking for a suitable mate for her.
Unable to find one that suited me, we decided to import the
beautifully bred and totally handsome Altaya LAERTES from Great Britian.
Laer arrived a full of energy 3 month old puppy. He captured everyone's hearts.
When we lost Jamie during the whelping, Laertes spent the
next 5 weeks lying in the whelping box helping our Collie, Rachel to help raise the litter.
We lost him much too young to a blood infection.

After losing Jamie, there was no question we would be keeping her daughter, ADRIA
Equal in beauty to her mother, Adria became my soul-mate.
She was the sweetest girl. We were blessed by
having her with us for a long time before she passed away one month
shy of her 16th birthday

DODGER was Jamie & Laertes's youngest son.
We decided to keep him as well as Adria. Dodger has been a gentle boy all his life.
Just a real sweetheart. At 16 Dodger is still a gentleman.

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